Miles Platting Savers has grown out of a long history of resident-led action in the neighbourhood including campaigns to save the local shops amidst regeneration, the setting up of Miles Platting Community Grocer a local food membership club, and Friday Fun at the Parish Church of the Apostles. Miles Platting Savers have also networked together different community groups to create a shared vision for the neighbourhood through Miles Platting Community Network.  From February 2021, they have two weekly savings collections: one at the Community Grocer on Thursday mornings and one coming soon at the Parish Church of the Apostles…!


Please contact Michelle Dunn (07495862890), Treasurer, about meetings at the Church of the Apostles; and Patsy O’Brien (07561700587) about savings at the Community Grocer at Queensbury Court.

Miles Platting Savers small grants

Miles Platting Savers are working in partnership with Parish Church of Apostles to manage a small community-based grants scheme for people and families who may be struggling.

Residents of Miles Platting can apply for a grant up to the value of between £50 and £500 to cover the costs of basic necessities in circumstances of financial hardship. These are not cash grants but the offer is to purchase goods or services on an individual’s behalf to help people through a particular period of hardship. If formal organisations make you nervous, don’t worry! We are just a local residents’ groups and we will keep all your information confidential. People can self-refer or can be referred by someone who is working with them or supporting them. Referral is by telephone to any of the following people on the Miles Platting Savers committee:

  • Patsy O’Brien: 07561 700 587
  • Sue Anya: 07931 120 140
  • Dot Lomax: 07808 095 408
  • Michelle Charlton: 07495 862 890