Inner City Exchange Manchester

Inner City Exchange Manchester is a new platform, initiated by the Greater Manchester Savers network in 2019, through which community groups from ten neighbourhoods across the city have come together to share experiences and ideas and support each other in their work.

People have shared stories about neighbourhood change over time, identified common strengths and challenges, and are now identifying shared priorities. Workshops have brought in external expertise on neighbourhood plans, community land trusts, and savings-based organising including presentations from the Muungano Alliance and Granby Four Streets community land trust in Liverpool.

Neighbourhood Networks

Savings groups are increasing financial resilience, reducing social isolation, building confidence, and changing lives. But beyond the groups themselves, Savers are also reaching out to network together community groups in their areas.

Miles Platting Savers have brought together a network of groups made up of people from existing and more newly arrived groups within the area. Miles Platting Community Network are overcoming tensions sparked by regeneration by encouraging different groups to work together on local issues, identifying local priorities and and positive projects for neighbourhood improvement. You can download their vision report below:

A Vision for our Neighbourhood by Miles Platting Community Network