The coronavirus pandemic has impacted on the lowest income communities disproportionately. The situation highlights long-standing health and economic inequalities that must now be addressed.

The speed with which under-resourced community groups have organised to ensure basic needs are being met in their neighbourhoods is testament to the critical role they will necessarily play in what is likely to be a turbulent future.

This has strengthened our belief within the Community Savers-CLASS alliance, that our work is becoming ever more important amidst mounting and multiple economic, social and environmental crises.

Members of Community Savers have been dedicating themselves to COVID 19 emergency response since the pandemic first began impacting on their communities in March 2020. Many Savers are themselves shielding and isolating due to underlying conditions. Groups are involved in food parcel preparation and delivery, looking after the mental and physical wellbeing of their community, and trying to bridge gaps between people in need and local services.

Community Savers member groups are focused on adapting their activities to the rapid changes facing their communities including through digital inclusion work and networking groups together to monitor the situation and improve the flow of information.

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