Read our interview with Dot, Committee Member at Miles Platting Savers, find out about one of the original groups in the Savers Network that is still going strong!

Members of Miles Platting Savers and MPCAN (Dot centre-right in a pink jacket)

Can you tell us a bit about Miles Platting Savers? When did you start, where and how
often do you meet? How many members do you have?

About 5 years, we meet once a week at the coffee morning at the Church of the Apostles in
Miles Platting. We have about about 20 regulars and 30 savers in the group. We have a mixture of people who come to coffee morning, young and old.

As a group, what would you say are the main benefits for the individuals who save with

It gives them a bit of extra cash to buy stuff they need, people are saving for uniforms,
Christmas and even holidays. I think most of the time you’re saving for something you think you
can’t have, then you realise if you save a little bit you can. There’s definitely a social side to it.
Most people are part of the coffee and some are visiting the social supermarket and they are
savers too. We definitely go in, have a cup of tea and have a chin wag and a catch up.

Has working with the other groups helped Miles Platting Savers to develop, learn, expand
or do things differently?

I think so, we see how other groups do theirs and then think if it works for us we can have a go.
I think it helps just to talk about what other groups are doing.

As well as the savings group, are Miles Platting Savers involved in any other community
projects and what are the impact of these?

We are members of MPCAN (Miles Platting Community and Age-friendly Network) – there’s loads of stuff going on thinking about the community building, the green spaces. I haven’t been to all the recent meetings due to my health but they let me know what’s happening.

What can we expect to see next from Miles Platting Savers next – does the group have
any plans for the future?

There’s a day trip planned to go to RHS Bridgewater so we can go there together in June. May
Fairweather from Talk about Money is going to come in to teach all ages from children to adults
how to save a bit and where to save. They are trying to get the people who use the community
shop (Social Supermarket at the Apostles) who have got kids to get involved, because I think if
you teach the kids the kids can teach the adults. I think that the Talk about Money sessions will
be a good way to get people to come in with the idea of getting the kids to teach their parents to
do a bit of saving.

Zoe, Lina, Sophie and Dot during their visit to the One World Together Conference in Kenya in Jan 2024

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