I came as usual waxing cynical

Years of being invisible

Leaves no space for hope or


Over cups of tea and laughter

Or just a quiet chat

I found out so much more

About my community

Because it was the COMMUNITY

Gathering the facts

We ploughed on regardless

Of day-to-day life

We made new knowledge

In a co-produced fight

My cynicism dropped

After the first knock on the door

A tentative nervous smile

Eyes that held loneliness

And depths of despair

Yet he wanted to thank me

For showing we cared!?

Eyes now left with the glimmer of hope

Hold on to your tin of little wins

The precious steps we take

Remember them moments

It gets you through tough days

Learning to trust the process

Was the hardest thing for me

Having faith in academics

Didn’t come easily

But as we worked

I saw my own prejudgements

Was clouding the view

I fought through my entrenched beliefs

It unveiled a clearer picture

It was the day that class became glass

Giving hope a hook to hang upon

Filling in the holes lost in

Scarred Souls

WE had work to do

I knocked on doors as

the sun was setting

I hear the pitter patter of

my heavy tired footsteps

I thought of my African sisters

Doing exactly that

I felt a connection that

was bigger than the sky

I could hear you singing

We must try

Together we are women who

Light up the sky

We return to fight injustice

Just as the certainty of tides

I am proud to be part of an

Army of wise women warriors

Watch the power unfurl

As we get together

With ALL my sisters

Who already hold up

Half the world

(Tina Cribbin, 2021)