We are so tired…

Tired out from being harvested

About our “stories”

How the vultures from the art,

Academia, policy makers too

Want to engage with us

Sit down and have a brew

Listening, dissecting explaining

All the while claiming their latest

Art, Plan and Research paper.

You are no different from the property developers

That come and break up an already functional

Well-equipped community.

We don’t need your “expertise”,

Thank you for the opportunity.

I think a conference is what’s needed with

These “lower income groups”.

So we can take notes watching

The bleeding all the while scheming

Would this be a great hook for my latest book?

But I’m learning too

I’m learning to see behind the doublespeak.

I seek the truth behind your deceit.

I will record your every experience

Your horror and shock.

As I turn what you do on its head

Did you know I can write too!

In my latest book there will be an inscription

To those who inspired, those that just took

So thanks for your interest

We are learning to say no.

We are capable enough to create our own show.

On our terms, where no one redefines our truth.

Listen out for us, we plan to raise the roof.

(From Classphemy, 2019).