This page contains materials from a seven-part community briefing series which took place between January and March 2021. Thanks to all the contributors and participants who made it such an interesting and engaging set of discussions. Some Zoom recordings have been edited to remove questions and discussion.

Session 7. Planning applications

In the final briefing of our series, Naomi Luhde Thompson (Rights: Community: Action!) shared her experiences of the end to end local planning application and decision-making process.

Zoom recording:

Session 6. Proactive approaches

Kat Wong (URBED) shared ideas about the different ways in which communities can be proactive about shaping how land, property and green spaces are used in their neighbourhood including neighbourhood planning, assets of community value and community asset transfer.

Zoom recording:

Session 5. Ageing well in place & 20 minute neighbourhoods

Sophie King (CLASS) shared ideas drawn from other recent talks and local experiments considering ageing well in place and Carolyn Kagan (Steady State Manchester) presented on the complementary concept of the 20 minute neighbourhood and how this is being put into practice around the world.

Zoom recordings:

20 Minute Neighbourhoods – Part 1
20 Minute Neighbourhoods – Part 2

Session 4. Affordable housing policy

Dr Richard Goulding (Research Associate, University of Sheffield) presented on a range of issues from housing trends in recent decades to levels of housing need, current affordable housing policy and the kinds of policy shifts that could support a higher level of affordable housing in Manchester.

Zoom recording:

Session 3. The Local Plan (5/2/21)

David Rudlin from URBED presented on the new five year development plan that is being written for the City of Manchester. We considered its implications for the kinds of developments that will be allowed in the City and in particular local neighbourhoods.

Zoom recording:

Session 2. The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (15/01/21)

David Rudlin from URBED and Mark Burton from Steady State Manchester presented to participants on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework: What is the GMSF? What does it mean for Manchester? What does it mean for my local area? How does it link to other kinds of planning policy?

Further information and downloads:

Zoom recording (David’s briefing):

Zoom recording (Mark’s briefing):

Session 1. Permitted Development Rights consultation (08/01/21)

Hannah Berry from Greater Manchester Housing Action stood in for Naomi Luhde-Thompson from Rights Community Action and Friends of the Earth to explain the latest proposals to extend something called ‘Permitted Development Rights’ from the Ministry for Housing, Communities, and Local Government. The consultation deadline is 28 January 2021.

This first session was originally to be focused on local developments and the local planning process and this will be rescheduled for the end of the course.

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